Thursday, July 12, 2012

500.... Wow!

I found a reason to have a more fun blog post!! This is my 500th post!! I can't believe it! I started it in April 2008, and what a fantastic journal and scrapbook it's become for us! I have been printing them out at the end of every year, and I already know they will be a huge treasure to our family!

I wanted to try to find some fun, random facts about the number 500, or figure out something cool like when Carrie was 500 days old we were.... Or, when we'd been married for 500 days etc.... but honestly, it's a difficult number to do anything cool with. So instead, I just decided to go through the whole blog and reminisce. :) So here you go! 500 posts in a picture series nutshell! (Don't worry, there's not 500 pictures) ;)

Our 2nd anniversary vacation, Jackson Hole Wyoming, May 2008

Our first baby is on the way! June 2008

It's a girl! Carrie Elizabeth at 20 weeks, September, 2008

 Halloween 2008, the Phantom and Christine

Carrie is here! We're a family of three! January 2009

Little Princess with pierced ears, 3 months old, April 2009

Adorable round faced girl, June 2009

Pioneer Day vacation in New Mexico, July 2009

 Our little Super Model, October 2009

Halloween butterfly, October 2009

Skinny me, (so proud) January 2010

Hanging out, playing with dollies, February 2010

Justin participating in Mustache March, 2010

What a stinking cute girlie! March 2010

All packed and ready to leave apartment life, March 2010

 Ahhh, home sweet homeowners! April 2010

Snuggly story time with daddy, May 2010

Announcing baby #2, May 2010

Getting dirty fixing the car, July 2010

It's a boy! Brigham Justin at 18 weeks, August 2010

Growing up so fast! Cute lil pigtails! August 2010

Group date night with friends, September 2010

Smooches! October 2010

Priest, Pregnant Nun, and our little Angel, Halloween 2010

Hugging baby brother, family pictures, November 2010

Locked Carrie in the car... Oops! December 2010

Meeting Brigham, January 2011

Wide awake, even on all those meds! January 2011

Brigham goes back to serve in Heaven, January 2011

At the funeral, February 2011

All you need is daddy, February 2011

Called to Serve... February 2011

Matching with baby Wren doll, March 2011

Our first March of Dimes, in the rain! April 2011

Lounging watching movies, May 2011

Helping mommy wash the van, May 2011

Brigham's headstone is here! May 2011

Playing with Savannah at our Greer family reunion, Ruidoso, New Mexico, June 2011

Posing for a picture with an imaginary tiger friend, July 2011

Riding the carousel at the mall, August 2011

Partying at a Ward Luau, August 2011

Stabbed myself with a steak knife doing electrical work on our sprinkler system..... Yeah..... September 2011

The Diamondbacks win the NL West division! September 2011

Having a bbq and swinging at the park, October 2011

On the train at the San Diego Zoo, October 2011

Cinderella's royal family, Halloween 2011

Family pictures, aren't we cute? November 2011

Tired girl after a long day and a big meal, Thanksgiving in New Mexico, November 2011

Sitting on Santa's lap, she claims all she wanted for Christmas was a pink candy cane! December 2011

Announcing baby #3! December 2011

Our two kiddos on Brigham's birthday, January 2012

Carrie's pink princess 3rd birthday party, complete with castle cake, January 2012

It's a girl! Brigette Joely should be part of our family in July!

The backyard is beautiful, finally! March, 2012

March of Dimes, round two! April 2012

Disneyland! April 2012

Making a fun treasure map, May 2012

Carrie earned a golden trophy for being a brave swimmer, June 2012

So there you go! 500 posts down! It's been great so far! Here's to 500 more!!