Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Since Coming Home

Daddy and Brigette all ready to go home on Sunday morning

Cutie patootie who barely fits into her newborn sized clothes (the onesie is all bunched up inside her pants so it looks like it fits better) ;)

Snug in her carseat, with the straps as small as they'll go! Her discharge weight was 5lbs, 11oz, (down 5 oz from her birthweight)

She had eaten around 9:30, so by the time we got discharged and pulled in at home around noon, I expected her to be close to ready to eat. Not so.... little stinker decided to have a sleep-a-thon all day! We kept trying to wake her up and get her to eat, but nothing was working. I finally pumped a little around 2:00 and by 3:30, we were able to "force-feed" her 18ml! Woohoo!

Fortunately the crummy eater stage was short-lived. She's been a champion eater ever since!

When Carrie came home that night, she got to open her present from Brigette..... A jump rope! Lately, her favorite bedtime story has a character who has a jump rope. Every night when we read it to her she says, "I've always wanted a jump rope for forever!"... So Brigette got one for her!

She immediately jumped up to ooh and ahh and coo, "Thank you so much Brigette!"

And then it was time to try it out! With help from daddy, of course.

And a little example jumping

Ready, set, go!.... Alright... it'll take a little practice, but she's sure enjoying trying!

The jump rope can only tear her attention away from baby sister for so long though. Within minutes, she was back to say hi again

And ask if she could hold the baby. In this picture, Brigette had started to fuss, so Carrie's comfort-shushing her

Kisses make everything better

Carrie gathered several "baby toys" from her collection to give to Brigette. Doesn't she look like she's having fun playing? ;)

The first thing Carrie wanted to do this morning was help burp Brigette. Who's surprised?....

All dressed up and ready for the day! And even the smallest bows we have look humongous on her!

Awake! I LOVE seeing her pretty eyes!!

Looking around and checking out her new home

Naptime with daddy

Naptime with mommy

All the girls!

This morning was Brigette's newborn checkup. She weighed in at 5lbs, 10oz. But with her eating and sleeping habits, she should be packing on the weight in no time! (Hopefully I'll be doing the opposite) ;)

A couple random things I'd forgotten to mention before... All our kids have been born on Fridays so far.... Brigette's hair is highlighted, very similar to the way Carrie's was as a newborn, not quite visible by camera, but you can definitely see it in person. Brigette's ears are slightly pointed on the tip, just enough to be cute. ;) And we often reference a mouse when talking about her. Her overall teeny size, her teeny feet that socks will not stay on, and most of all, the teeny high pitched squeaky noise she makes when she cries.

As for my recovery, I'm feeling pretty good so far! My back is sore, but in trying to avoid repeating my post-Brigham ER episode, I'm staying on top of the pain with anti-inflammatories, a heating pad, and rest. My feet are a little swollen, so I'm trying to keep them up and stay hydrated. Otherwise, I'm doing great! Because the actual "birthing process" was so quick, I didn't tear or anything, which is a huge blessing, I'm discovering!

We're all a little tired, but doing our best to rest and take advantage of my mom being here for a couple days to help out. Justin went back to work today, and hopefully didn't fall asleep at his desk! ;) Carrie's been a super helper already and just can't get enough of her new baby sister! We're all doing great so far and are enjoying having our sweet baby girl home with us!


Laura Cook said...

She is SO adorable! I hope we get to meet her when we drive down for Todd's wedding in a few weeks!!!!

Catherine and Derrick said...

Yay congrats she is so beautiful and Carrie is so cute with her. What beautiful girls you have.

Coleen said...

Thank you so much for all the pictures you posted. I love going back and looking at them over and over. Wow, she is teeny! But you are right, she'll make up for that in no time if she is nursing good. She is just beautiful and I love Carrie being so sweet and helpful, but then Carrie has always been a little sweetheart! We can't wait to see you and meet Brigette. Love to everyone!!!

The Gatherers said...

Cannot believe how TINY she is! What a sweet heart, I'm sure you and your family are enjoying every moment with her!

Aubri said...

Ohhh she's perfect! Her discharge weight was the same as my Bug's birth weight! :-D