Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cute Girls & A Day with Daddy

Yesterday, Brigette was laying on my chest sleeping, and Carrie wanted a turn... Of course, she had to fake sleep too

 Brigette taking a nap in the sunbathing pose ;)

Her first bath at home. She looks decently content here, but when we first put her in the water, she did NOT like it! Of course, she didn't like getting out either, but that I would have expected; getting out of the nice warm water?! No fun!

All snuggled up in a towel

Carrie was a great helper choosing Brigette's towel and washrag and helping me keep warm water on her tummy while she was in the tub.

And obviously, I didn't take these pictures by myself. Justin took the day off work today to help out at home. He deserves a day off too after the day he had yesterday! He had to jump the battery in his car twice, and on the way home from work, he got a flat tire. He's usually home around 3:30, but between the time it took to jump the car, change a flat, buy a new battery, and buy a new tire (because the old one was irreparable), he didn't get home til 5:00.... Yuck! Anyways, we're loving having him for the day!


Coleen said...

That's is so cute Carrie having Brigette on her tummy, the bath looks very relaxing too and Brigette does look like she is enjoying it. Such cute pictures! Have fun. They really do grow up too fast!

The Gatherers said...

so so sweet!I found nursing Hayden was so much easier than with Cooper she's 10 months old and I'm still loving it, so much easier than bottles!