Sunday, July 22, 2012


Carrie came in with my parents last night to visit. She's been so excited to have a baby sister!

Meeting Brigette for the first time. The first thing she said to me was, "Oh my.... She's sooo tiny!"

 Carrie couldn't keep her hands to herself! And who could blame her?! She is a stinkin' cute baby sister!

And of course, she wanted to hold her. The whole time she kept whispering sweet little things like "You're so beautiful Brigette...." and "I'm your big sister"

"I think she likes me!"

Our first family photo.... Yes, Justin and I have bedhead, Carrie's not looking, and Brigette's crying.... Oh well ;)

Another shot of the Gilbert Temple as seen from my hospital window. (Different time of day=different lighting and a better picture)

So cute and snuggly

Justin caught this cute picture this morning. We're both actually sleeping, I didn't know he took this :)

We're getting ready to head home later today and start our adventure with two little girls at home!

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Coleen said...

Great pictures. I'm excited to get to see Brigette and Carrie together. What a sweet picture of you and Brigette! Try and rest while you have your mom to help. Love on both these precious girls for me too!