Sunday, October 7, 2012

Girls and Guys Night Out & Conference

Happy Conference weekend! As usual, during the Saturday Priesthood session, the girls in our family all go out together. This time, we got to go get Brigette's ears pierced too! I can't believe I had the self-restraint to wait until girls night! She was old enough to have gotten them done over 2 weeks ago!

Carrie enjoyed wandering Claire's playing with Halloween things

 All the girls just waiting while the tech got things ready

Happy happy girlie! She'll be crying in a minute, but it'll be over quick and she'll look DANG cute! (Though it's hard to imagine her looking any cuter than she does in this pic!)

Brigette's staring down the ear-piercing girl

Drawing the dots

DONE! And mommy had a bottle ready to go!

Her ears are so teeny! And now they're sparkly too! ;)

And one last picture of Carrie being goofy with Halloween hats

You saw the picture of me giving Brigette a bottle right afterward... She did NOT want it. So sadly, she cried longer than any baby we've ever taken to get their ears pierced. She kept going for several minutes until I found a lounge area in the middle of the mall where I could sit, cover-up, and nurse her. After a few minutes of snacking, she was all smiles. Cute little stinker ;)

We spent Conference Sunday playing with cousins. Here's Charlie and Brigette (10 weeks apart). 

Anytime we all gather, my parents house ends up looking like a parking lot! (And we're actually still missing a couple cars from this picture). Good thing they live at the end of a cul-de-sac so we all have room to park!

This afternoon I gave Brigette a little tummy time and basically for the first time, she didn't scream and bury her face in the ground! She actually held her head up for a minute! 

She's growing up so fast!

And as always, Conference was amazing! Especially the new announcement about missionaries! Girls can serve at age 19 and boys at age 18 (as long as they've graduated high school). That means my youngest brother Jake can leave about 6 months sooner than he thought! He's been waiting his whole life to go on his mission and he's so excited to get started! It's crazy to imagine that he could be leaving as soon as 8 months from now!!

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