Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Workout Season!

My mom is in town helping Marissa with her new baby and we're enjoying having her around. On Sunday night, Carrie slept over at Marissa's house with my mom in the guest room. It was a fun little adventure. :)

Then Tuesday we went chicken crazy and made several freezer meals for each of us. It makes me hungry just remembering all the yummy, healthy recipes :)

Lately I've been starting to do my Jillian Michaels' workout DVD again. All I can say is WHEW!! It's hard stuff! What's hit me the most so far is how sore my abs are. I sneeze, and I groan in pain... It's that awesome. Hopefully I keep it up, so I can slim it down!

And speaking of working out, Justin started doing college basketball scrimmages last weekend! Let basketball reffing season begin! I sometimes feel like a single parent in the winter since he's so busy with games, but I have to remind myself it's worth it. It's something Justin loves to do and especially as he continues to move up, he loves it more, and he's making more money (always a plus)! I'm pretty sure it's still a goal of his to get to Division One someday.

Although as of late, he has a new dream. Becoming an immigration lawyer... We have a friend who does this and any time he posts something about his job, Justin feels even more like that's something he'd like to do. We've talked a little about it int he past, but never really did anything about it. This time, we're doing something. Justin is registered to take the LSAT in a couple months. I'm a little nervous, mostly because it's a big change and commitment, but I'm also excited because Justin is excited.

We'll have to wait and see what his LSAT scores look like and where he can get accepted to Law School, but it looks like we'll possibly be starting some new adventures around here in the near future!

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