Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Rookies

We finally did it; Went out in the wee hours of the morning to go Black Friday shopping! Neither of us had EVER been before! We played it pretty safe, only hitting up the local Wal-Mart and being back home in bed only one hour later, but we got a couple of things we really wanted so I consider it a success!

Quick insert first though, let me say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone! We had a great day with my family in Mesa. First, we went to the movies to see Disney's "Tangled". It was awesome! Cute, funny, great for kids and adults! Then we went to my parents' house and stuffed ourselves with delicious dinner. Carrie decided she wanted to only eat mashed potatoes and jello for dinner :)

OK, now back to Friday morning. We convinced my sister and brother-in-law to come sleep at our house Thursday night so they could babysit in their sleep while Justin and I went out. We didn't really get up all that early. Only 4:30. Sadly, that's what time Justin gets up every day for work. I don' t know how he does it!

When we got there everything in the electronics department was wrapped in black plastic and guarded by employees. All electronics went on sale at 5am and no one was allowed to shop for them before then. There were lines for each individual product. After asking around, we discovered that there was no line for "our" product yet, so we started one. We were the first people in Maricopa to get Walmart's Black Friday deal on the Nikon Coolpix L110!!I'm so excited for this new camera! We had gotten a new camera not quite a year ago, but didn't want to spend a lot of money so we ended up getting a cheap little point and shoot. I was almost immediately frustrated with it. The flash took forever to charge and I felt like the lighting always looked bad in my pictures. Obviously it worked well enough for me to take so many pictures with it over the past little while, but I was really excited to get a newer higher quality camera.

I'm already so pleased with it! I know these next few pictures aren't much to look at, but look at the clarity, lighting and overall quality! I love it!!

This weekend we've also gotten up most of our Christmas decorations. Basically all that's left is the outside lights.

Again, the pictures were taken with my new camera. Isn't the glow of the lights so pretty?! I never could have gotten that with my old camera! It would have either been totally dark or washed out by the flash.

Although it's my Christmas present, we decided that instead of waiting, we'd put it to good use over the next month. I've already wrapped the box to put under the Christmas tree for "the effect" of it being a Christmas present. Already today I made a cover for the strap. I'm giddy about testing it out and learning all the things it can do that my old camera couldn't!


Jenelle said...

Way fun! I like your "family wall" too :)

Coleen said...

The house looks great! Sounds like you found just the right deals!
I think you take great pictures!
Love the updates on everyone!