Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Mommy! 'S Cute!"

Carrie is picking up on soooo many new words! It's adorable to hear the things she says sometimes.

For example, a few days ago when I come out of the closet in the morning after getting dressed, Carrie came over to me, pointed to my shirt and said, "Oooo!, Mommy!, 's cute!!"

The first time, I responded with a shocked, "My shirt's cute?!" She repeated, "Yeah, mommy! 's cute! I like it!"

Well Okay! :) She does it every couple of days and it really gives me a little boost of confidence especially since lately I'm starting to feel a little like a whale! (30 weeks today, woohoo!)

She's started to put short sentences together like, "I want drink", "Take a bath", or when dinner's ready, "Daddy, let's eat!"

She's reached the age where she enjoys playing with her friends, not just next to them. She loves feeding her baby dolls milk (using her own sippy cup) and pushes anything and everything around in the baby stroller.

She loves talking on the phone and will often find my cell phone, bring it to me and ask to call someone. For example, "Talk daddy?", "Talk UnJake? (my brother Jake)". Usually the person on the other side of the call enjoys a few minutes of conversation from Carrie anyways so it's a win-win!

Every once in a while she'll ask for something with a little whine in her voice for no apparent reason. I'll say, "Can you ask me nicely please?" Her response?.... A cheesy grin, shrugged shoulders and a high pitched, "Ask niiiice?" Works for me :)

She's extremely opinionated, (sometimes overly) independent, loves going on walks, hates the carseat and is so dang cute I don't know how we stand it!

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Coleen said...

What a doll! Mommy is cute! So is Carrie.