Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Baby

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and ultrasound. The only good pictures we got were of Brigham's feet. He had his face totally scrunched into me and wouldn't move! His estimated weight is 3lbs 3oz; right on track. They said his liver looks the same as it did last month, which is very good. It's still just the tip that has come through the hernia into his chest. The less liver that comes up there, the better!

The doctor told me they often talk about me (and Justin and Brigham) when the doctors have their conference meetings together. We're the only case of diaphragmatic hernia they have right now. He said he wished all parents were as emotionally stable about cases like this as we are. We talked for several minutes about how he's glad we understand the severity and magnitude of this birth defect, but we also understand that having a "woe is me" attitude doesn't help anyone.

My mom came with me to my appointment and she told the doctor (and reminded me) of something I'd said a couple of months ago. I wrote on the blog that because of our outwardly calm manner, some of our friends and family were underestimating the seriousness of Brigham's condition. I tried to set things straight (especially by stating the mortality rate of about 50%). The thing my mom really remembered though was that I said, "We know that either Brigham will be okay eventually, but if not, we'll be okay eventually."

I think I need to write that down and put it on my bathroom mirror or something as a daily reminder. I still have occasional bad days where I worry and cry a LOT, but mostly, I'm trying my best to have faith, trust in the Priesthood blessings I've received and pray. I can't believe he'll be coming so soon! Less than two months!

By the time we bring him home, Carrie will be beyond ready to be a big sister and big helper. If we get hurt, she'll ask us "You okay?", and is getting much more "huggy". She loves helping pick out her clothes and hair bow/flower. She loves brushing my hair and getting her hair done "pretty". She's getting to be very helpful at getting things when I ask, ie; diaper and wipes. She's an awesome cleaner-upper, usually without me having to ask. She's changed and grown so much in the last couple of months. Justin asked me last night, "Where did our baby go?" I had no answer.

Putting a baby doll in the booster seat to "eat breakfast". Of course, she has to wear a bib.

This conversation happened last week while we were on our way to Wal-Mart (which she can totally say by the way, it's adorable).

Carrie: "Where's Daddy?"
Me: "Daddy's at work, he'll be home later."
Carrie: "Why?"
Me: "He has to go to work so we can have money."
Carrie: "Why?"
Me: "So we can buy groceries, and clothes and toys and our house"
Carrie: "......(about 5 seconds of deep thought)..... Oh. Cool!"

It was awesome! She's really understanding a LOT and can express herself better and better every day. She's mastered the "big kid" slides at the park and loves being outside. She's learning colors and gets them right probably about half the time. She loves reading books, either alone or sitting on our laps.

A few cute things she's picked up recently:

-Bye! I love you! See ya! (adding the "I love you" to every goodbye is the new part)
-The "why" game (I'm sure it won't be cute for much longer)
-Updown (she knows they're related and has gotten herself confused at which one is which, so she just says them together)

Playing with Daddy at the park this morning. I'm sure she's thinking, "Whoa! You climbed up the slide?!"


Jacob & Clarissa said...

Emily did the same thing with updown for a long time. She still does it some day. Thanks for keeping us updated on Brigham, glad nothing has changed!

Anonymous said...

I really liked this post, and the last one that had that little quote in it. You've been in my prayers a lot... and my thoughts throughout the day. Your attitude in this is pretty amazing. I can tell that you have a good balance in your minds of the statistics and of the power of faith. :-)

As always, you're in our prayers! We love you!

Liana said...

I can't believe how grown up she is! Ethan still mumbles jumbled words and I'm slowly FINALLY picking up words he says in an odd way and hard to understand. But like Carrie, I know he understands me! it's crazy how that is, reminds me that I have to be careful what I say around him. :) You and Brigham are in our prayers too!

Shawn and Ashley said...

Hey!! Good luck with the new baby..having a baby with any kind of health challenge is going to put all of your nursing brain to work. I bet it helps a lot to understand what you understand. Your family is adorable. I'm excited for you guys. Can't believe your cute girl is that old! where does time go! She sounds like a smarty pants..kind of like someone else I know??

Jenelle said...

You're in our thoughts and prayers... maybe we'll get to see you again someday! :)