Thursday, November 4, 2010

Library Adventures

This morning we trekked a mile up the road to the library. Carrie got to ride comfortably in the stroller while I got a full body workout pushing it head first into the wind! I really should have worn better shoes!

Relaxing in style, as usual

As soon as we got there, Carrie was ready to literally jump out of the stroller. She knows exactly where to go in the library to find the kids section. Recently, they've added two kiddie computers that have fun learning activities on them. They have cute little headphones and a kiddie sized mouse. Carrie spent at least 10 minutes having fun on the computer before even starting to look at the books.

Even after picking out a few books though, it wasn't quite time to leave yet. Our library has a little "play" area too with puzzles and kiddie sized armchairs and rocking chairs. Carrie is starting to get very good at puzzles! She still thinks it's funny though to put a piece in the wrong spot, look up at me and say, "nooo!!", move it to a different wrong spot, "nooo!!", and then finally move it to the right spot and cheer for herself, "Yeeeaaahh!!!"

We took "the long way" home through the neighborhood and stopped at the park for a few minutes to go down the slides. It was quite a long morning (round trip about 2 hours!) but we had fun! I definitely tired her out because when we came home, she ate a sandwich, and went right down for a nap!

At 30 weeks and 2 days, I'm starting to be a little tired in general anyways; Add on a 2 mile walk.... I think it's mommy naptime too!


Jenelle said...

BOTH of you are so cute! :)

Coleen said...

I love her sitting at the computer wearing her headphones. She is adorable!!!!!