Monday, November 29, 2010

A First Time for Everything

Carrie's had quite a few "firsts" the last couple of days.

We'll start with this weekend. As mentioned in the last post, over the long weekend we got Christmas decorations put up. The day after, I was working on something in the kitchen and Justin was in another room. Carrie was playing with toys in the family room. I could faintly hear some little tinkling sounds, but I just thought it was things she was putting in her doll stroller. I never even turned around.

Until.... CLUNK!!!

Carrie had been walking around the Christmas tree collecting glittery ornaments and when she got around to the back it tipped over! I'm pretty sure it wasn't an intentional push, but just the same, down went the tree... Nothing broke (thanks to my garage sale find of shatterproof ornaments), but I think Carrie learned a pretty good lesson about not touching the tree.

Another "first", as I was getting ready this morning I heard Carrie playing in my closet (as she often likes to do while I'm doing my makeup etc). I started to hear a suspicious scratching sound... I opened the closet door to find her drawing on the wall with a pencil! Where she got it from, I have NO idea! I feel pretty lucky that this is the first occurrence of this (although I'm sure it won't be the last throughout my mothering days), and that the damage was done on the inside walls of my closet. Because it's only pencil I think it'll come off really easily anyways.

Now, I saved the best story for last....

Drumroll everyone!...... Carrie went pee-pee in the potty today!!

Even though her diaper was already wet when I got her up this morning, I decided to see if she'd sit on the potty before I changed her and got her dressed. She sat down and we started to read a book together. About a minute later, she jumped up from the potty and started yelling, "Oh no! Oh no!"

She had gone in the potty and thought she'd done something wrong! I was thrilled and was clapping and cheering while trying very vigorously to tell her, "No, it's ok! That's where pee-pee is supposed to go! Yeah! Good Job!"

Her chosen reward? A banana. :) To her, that's as good as any candy or toy will ever be!

It's still slow going for sure, but hopefully the next time she won't be as scared of it! We're so proud of our big girl!


Stephanie said...

yeah for Carrie, and she probably got the pencil from the pencil drawer!!

Laura Cook said...

YAY!!! Hope she continues to do well with the potty training. I've decided Crystal is a lost I'm afraid she's going to be in a diaper the rest of her life she's just so stubborn ... lol.