Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hope I Don't Jinx It!

Carrie's actually used the potty a few more times in the last couple of days! I didn't think it would catch on very quickly, but I think she's getting to be very much aware of it now.

This morning when I got her out of bed she told me she was "poopy" (which to her, means anything in her diaper, wet or messy). I said, "Ok, lets go downstairs and change your diaper." When I went to change it, it was barely wet at all so I asked if she wanted to sit on the potty. She sat down for a few minutes and actually went! When she'd told me she was "poopy", she hadn't already gone, she needed to go!

And the most exciting part, Carrie didn't freak out! She cheered with me! Yeah!!

Then later during her bath she stood up, crossed her legs and started yelling, "biaper! biaper!" because she was peeing. I grabbed her and ran to sit her on the toilet. She was dripping wet and freezing cold, but we made it. Of course, as quickly as possible I got her wrapped in a towel and warmed up. :)

It seems strange to be so excited about something people don't really openly talk about, but whatever. I'm a mom, and she's my baby who's turning into a little girl!


Heather F said...

I am so excited for you!! I haven't even attempted to try potty training yet.. the only thing Travis does is run and hides under his bed when he is messy bc he doesn't want me anywhere near him! Maybe she will be totally potty trained by the time Brigham comes.. that would be a nice thought wouldn't it?

Brittney said...

Those are all really good signs that she's ready to be potty trained. A bit of advice from me would be to not be too surprised if she regresses in her progress after the baby is born and don't get upset or disappointed if she does. It's totally normal to have accidents for several years after being potty trained. Also watch out for those auto flush toilets.

Jenelle said...

Thats so cute! Its so funny the things we get excited about as moms :) But hey, graduating from diapers may be more exciting for you than it is for Carrie!

Coleen said...

That's great that she is letting you know! She's getting the idea. Potty training doesn't have to be awful. Being excited is a big part of it both for mom and Carrie.
So proud of you Carrie!!

Jessica Rodgers said...

thats so great congrats

Jenn said...

I have tried to just sit Paige down on the potty, and she resists it. I never force her, and I wait to see sometimes if she'll sit on it on her own. I'm thinking of letting her pick a potty after the holidays, because the potty I've tried putting her on is the one I used to train Micah. I need one designed for girls. You've received some good advice about regression and accidents. Micah still has accidents on occasion, but not having to use diapers anymore (for him) is awesome. Congrats!