Friday, December 31, 2010


One week at most! Yeah!!! Induction day is coming up next Friday the 7th!

At my doctor's appointment on Thursday, the doctor said Brigham was still really high, and I was still at 2 cm... I said, "2? I've been told 3 before....?" She told me, "Ummm, nope, you're a 2."

Grrrrr.... I cried on the way home. Even if I've been a 2 the whole time, I thought I was a 3, and therefore this feels like backward progress.

I've told Justin the last few days, "If I'm going to have contractions and be so uncomfortable and keep thinking I might be going into labor, I wish I'd actually just BE in labor already!"

I've started doing a few extra ups and downs on the stairs and when I feel like I'd rather just sit on the couch, I get up and do something productive. It probably won't do anything to put me into labor and will just end up making me tired and even more uncomfortable for the next week. Oh well....

We're basically into January so anytime now, I'm ready for Brigham to come!

Speaking of making it into January, tonight we were invited to a friend's house in the ward to celebrate New Years, New York style. This means at 10:00, instead of midnight, we counted down, yelled "Happy New Year!", went home and will be in bed by 10:30. It's great! This has potential to become a tradition. I feel old, but I don't care ;)

We were also able to get all our outside lights taken down this morning. It's amazingly scary to watch Justin climbing all over the roof! He survived though and I took it easy by handling the lights on the bushes :)

Carrie in her new puffy vest she got for Christmas. I think she looks like a little pink eskimo when she has the hood on.

A few pictures from the Sunday before Christmas. I forgot my camera, but my friend Corynn had hers at church and took some pictures of Jake and Carrie in their Christmas outfits.

Such little cuties. They love to hold hands and give hugs and kisses (this might be a problem in about 15 years)

Our Christmas angel

Our 2010 has been great fun! Here's hoping 2011 will be even better!

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