Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brigham & Temple Lights

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and an ultrasound. Brigham's estimated weight is 5 lbs, 5 oz (right on target for my dates). He has TONS of hair! We could see it on the ultrasound! The tech was amazed at how much hair he has! So far the old wives tale of heartburn = hair has proved true for me! :)

The doctor checked me and I'm dilated to 2 cm and 40% effaced. All my annoying Braxton Hicks are actually doing a little bit of good. The doctor didn't seem concerned about it, he said it was expected. It makes me a tiny bit nervous for when I actually do go into labor that I already have this much of a head start 5 weeks before my due date. Speaking of due dates, officially I'm due Jan 11th. However, the doctor said if Brigham doesn't come on his own sometime before, they'll induce me on Friday, Jan 7th. So we have 29 days at the most until we meet our little boy!

I just created the game where you can guess Brigham's birth date, time, weight, and length. Go to and type Brigham as the name of the game in the box at the top left. I think it's fun to see how close people actually get to his real "stats". For reference, the doctor said if I went into labor on my own at any time now, they wouldn't stop me. They would just let me have him.

For comparison's sake, here's 35 weeks with Brigham and 35 weeks with Carrie. I can't believe the difference! I'm WAY bigger with Brigham!

Last night we went to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights. Or as Carrie says, "pretty lights!" My sister and Brother-in-law came with us. It wasn't nearly as cold this year as it was last year so we enjoyed ourselves a lot more. Here are several pics. Enjoy!

The "performing tent" at the back of the visitor's center. Every night there is a different choir/group/person performing. It's awesome!

The whole gang

Our little family

Brandon and Marissa

Carrie got sick of riding in the stroller and wanted to push it... down the stairs...

And now just a couple of random pictures from today. Carrie LOVES my phone. She has two "toy" cell phones of her own (our old phones), but she thinks they're not nearly as cool because they don't light up and make noise etc. Today she was playing with my phone and wanted to put it in her back pocket like I do. It was so cute...


Jenelle said...

You must have taken these pictures with your new camera- they look great! And Merry Christmas!

Jenelle said...

Oh- except for the ultrasound pics... if you took those then your new camera was really worth getting up at 4:00 am for! But those are also SO cool- love his little face :)

Catherine and Derrick said...

I love the first 3D picture. It looks like he is smiling. You guys are getting close to having baby number two. It is an adjustment at first but you will love having him around.

Brittney said...

Beautiful Christmas lights!!!
I think being only 40% effaced means you've still got a ways to go. I wouldn't get to antsy about it until the doctor says your 80% effaced. Even that can drag on for a while. Dilation doesn't give you nearly as close of an estimate as effacement does.
It sure is cute how little kids copy what we do.

Jessica Rodgers said...

both the pictures have christmas trees in the back That is funny that is exactly the same time of year for both

Jenn said...

Those Christmas lights looked amazing! Cute pictures of Carrie as well! I put my phone in my back pocket, too, and my ring. If my ring isn't on our bathroom counter, then I've left it in my pants, so I scrounge for it in the laundry basket. I'm glad you're having a wonderful Christmas holiday so far!