Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Pictures

Yesterday, I realized that I hadn't uploaded any pictures for a while, so here are a few of the latest.

Our snowman couple on the kitchen table

The snowman and little boy stuffed dolls sing songs and dance together. Carrie loves it! I need to get a video of her dancing to them soon!

As I was putting things in the car to go somewhere, I found Carrie in the backseat... Notice her sippy cup is in the cup holder next to the seat. She was trying to reach for the seatbelt too! Umm, maybe in a few years... We'll stick to a carseat for a while longer.

Coloring. I know she looks a little grumpy, but this is really a happy face. She's saying "cheese" for the camera...

At the park playing with her friend Lanie's bike. "Since I can't figure out how to ride this, maybe I'll just try to carry it"

Carrie discovered the Phase 10 cards in a drawer a couple of days ago and has been having a blast playing with them. Last night, while in the transition between clothes and jammies, she found a new way to carry them around; sticking them in her diaper. Fortunately it was a brand new clean diaper so no harm done. :) Does this remind anyone else of the show "Rugrats", where Tommy always carried everything in his diaper?


Coleen said...

I love her putting the cards in her diaper, very inventive!!!
She is too cute! Can't wait to see you all!!

Amanda and AJ said...

If you guys have Netflix and an Xbox360 or Wii, you can watch Rugrats instantly! 4 seasons are on there. I'm sure Carrie would enjoy it. And yes, in the first or second episode Tommy pulls a screwdriver out of his diaper! ahha

Jessica Rodgers said...

i didnt even see you take a picture of her carrying the bike thats funny