Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Pageant Past

I don't think I actually remember this, but we have it on tape, so I feel like I do.

It was the Christmas I was 5, Marissa was 2 and Kevin was 1 (Jake wasn't born yet). I got to be the angel (complete with frilly white dress) and "proclaim" Christ's birth (in a tiny shy 5 year old voice).

Marissa was Mary and Kevin was Joseph. Originally my dad had chosen a baby doll to act as Jesus that was almost as big as Kevin was at the time. My mom made him find a smaller one. :)

The whole ordeal lasted about 5 minutes with Kevin trying to crawl into the fireplace the whole time and Marissa taking her job as baby Jesus' mother VERY seriously! Kevin would accidentally bump the manger (basket) and she would freak out and make sure baby Jesus was ok.

I love how Christmas with kids makes everything more fun. Because I'm soooo pregnant, instead of traveling to New Mexico for Christmas this year, Justin's parents, grandma, and 2 of his 3 sisters (and their families) are coming to our house. I'm so excited to have Christmas at our house this year and really feel the true Christmas spirit!

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