Thursday, December 23, 2010


This morning, my mom, my sister Marissa, and my youngest brother Jake came over to bake cookies with Carrie. To make it easier to get straight to the fun part (decorating), they brought some pre-made sugar cookie dough.

Carrie cutting out shapes

Frosting with some help from Grandma Lori

Sprinkles! Lots and lots of sprinkles!

The finished product... It started a s a snowman, but the shape disappeared when it baked.

Jake salvaged a botched batch of cookies (they totally "melted" together when they baked). He cut a few pieces off and created our giant gingerbread man! Yummy!

In the early afternoon, Justin's parents and grandma arrived at our house for the weekend. Justin's mom and grandma joined me at my doctor's appointment where we got some good news. There is no change since last week! I'm still about 3 cm and 70%! Hopefully this means we'll last through Christmas and the rest of December without Brigham deciding to show up! I would really like it if he waited until January to make an appearance. But I'm also antsy and excited; at the latest, we'll be meeting him in 2 weeks and 1 day!!

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