Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meeting Jolly Old St. Nick!

Last night was our ward Christmas party! Carrie and I went late (we were busy Christmas shopping when it started). Justin had a basketball game and by the time he got home he only would have been able to make it for about the last 15 minutes so he didn't go.

Anyways, we watched "The Polar Express" on a big projector screen with everyone in jammies lounging on pillows and blankets. (Sadly, because we were late and came straight from shopping, we weren't in our jammies.)

In "The Polar Express" the first gift of Christmas is a small jingle bell. Only those who believe in Santa can hear it ring.

As soon as the movie was over guess who walked into the room? Santa of course! All the kids followed him to his chair to take turns sitting on his lap and getting a gift from him.

Appropriately, the gift was a jingle bell. Carrie loves it!
She has a hard time holding it by the string though so it was hard to hear when she tried to "jingle" it. She problem solved very quickly though. By the time we got home from the party, she figured out if she holds it over her head and drops it on the carpet, it makes a pretty good jingling noise!

As you can see from the pictures, she had a pretty neutral attitude about Santa. She went right to him when it was her turn, and didn't cry, but she never cracked a smile either. Silly girl! Next year I have a feeling she'll understand it a lot better!

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