Tuesday, December 28, 2010

38 Weeks and Losing My Mind!

First, the latest belly picture of me at 38 weeks. People keep saying how tiny I am, but I just don't see it! Anyways, only a week and a half until induction day (January 7th)! We made it through Christmas weekend which was my first hope. Next, I hope we make it through the rest of this week and into January :)

Now, onto the "losing my mind" part... This morning, on my way out of the neighborhood to go to Walmart, I stopped at the mail boxes to drop off a bill. I got out, closed my door so as to not block traffic, and 10 seconds later when I tried to get back in the van....


I have NO idea how it happened! The door was obviously unlocked for me to have been able to get out, and I truly do not remember locking it before I shut my door... So now, Carrie was stuck inside. The van was running and it's not crazy Arizona summer outside, so she was ok, but grrr....

Of course, the only spare key is on Justin's keyring, with him, in Phoenix. 40 minutes away... And he didn't even drive himself to work today. It was his carpool buddy's turn so he wouldn't even really have had a way to get back home.

So this is how my morning turned out

Non-emergency police and fire department.... :) They were very nice and helpful. They said they could try to open the door, but there were chances of the door frame and/or window getting damaged. Because the weather was mild, they called a locksmith for me and waited with me for him to come and open the door.

Carrie got pretty bored and whiny being stuck in her carseat the whole time, so I was singing itsy-bitsy spider and patty-cake with her through the window.

Once the locksmith came it was a matter of 30 seconds and I was back inside!! And because Carrie was inside the car, the locksmith was free! Quite the dramatic situation, but it all turned out ok in the end. What a morning!!!


Heather F said...

Luckily its winter and not hot outside! Thats great that they were able to get her out so easily once the locksmith got there.. I think if I was in your shoes I would have been freaking out.
I can't believe Brigham is coming so soon. Its crazy how fast 2nd pregnancy's go. Hopefully he is as healthy as he can be when he is born so that his surgery's go okay.
By the way, we got your Christmas card and the pictures are so cute! Thanks for sending us one

The Gatherers said...

That is seriously one of my biggest nightmares, so I never close my door all the way if I leave Cooper in the car. What a nightmare.