Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Prayer: Toddler Style

Third post of the day, I know, but this was too cute...

I just finished putting Carrie down for bed. Justin is out reffing basketball, so it's just the two of us. I took her into her room, put her in jammies and said, "Ok, climb into bed!" She was not happy.... As soon as I tried to lay her down, she started to whine and fuss. I said, "Oh yeah, do you want to say prayer with me? How about you say the prayer?"

I sat on the edge of her bed and started to prompt her,

Me: "Dear Heavenly Father..... Thank you for this day... Thank you....."
Carrie: "Jesus?"
Me: "Yes, thank you for Jesus" (I was pleasantly surprized)
Carrie: "and Jakey? Zack? Corynn? Jakey? Hudson? Jozie? Evan? Jakey?" *each with my confirming vote afterward. And can you tell who her best friend/favorite person is?*

She never quite ended the prayer, but it was adorable all the same. I was amazed at her listing off several (most) of her little friends by name. She sure loves her friends.

I was most amazed, however, at her first, being thankful for Jesus. We must be doing something right as parents...


Brittney said...

I remember you telling us of a similar experience when you were babysitting Katie Marie once. She communicated with you that she wanted to kiss the picture of Jesus on her wall. Aren't little children the best!!!

Heather F said...

that is so cute that she realized what prayer is actually about. way to go Carrie

Jenelle said...

So cute! Can't wait for toddler prayers :)