Saturday, February 25, 2012

Date Night!

Thanks to our babysitting co-op, tonight was date night!! We always go to the same restaurants and wanted to mix it up a bit tonight. We had some movie passes for Harkins so I did a general search around the Chandler Harkins for new restaurants for us to try out. We decided on Cheesecake Factory, yummy!

After super gooey-cheesy chicken quesdillas, a BBQ burger with onion rings on it and sweet potato fries, we were faaar too stuffed for cheesecake. It was kind of a shame, but we had a movie time to make.

We saw "This Means War", and it was just what I was looking for! A little action, comedy, and romance... It's about two CIA agents /partners/best friends who discover they've both started dating the same woman. As they "duke it out", they use all their spy resources and gadgets to try to be the winning guy. It was really fun! A great date night movie. :)

To semi-compensate for not getting cheesecake, we stopped at Yogurt Jungle on the way home for some peanut butter ice cream and oreos.... mmmm, so decadent....

I love date night!

And just because it's been a little while, here's my latest belly pic. Taken this morning, 18 weeks :)

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The Gatherers said...

cute little baby belly!