Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is She Canadian?!

Around here, we're big "How I Met Your Mother" fans. There's an ongoing joke among the characters about Canadians (the character Robin is from Canada). The basic premise of the joke is that Canadians are too nice. If you bump into them, they're the one to apologize, even if it was obviously your fault.

Lately, we've been wondering if Carrie is secretly Canadian... A few examples...

This afternoon my mom came over, just to visit and hang out for a little while. As she was leaving, Carrie and I were standing on the driveway waving goodbye. My mom slowly swerved a bit as she was backing up, to avoid scraping her car against the low tree branches hanging over our driveway. Therefore, in the process of turning into the street, her front tire drove over the corner of the rocks in the yard.

Carrie saw it, snicker-gasped, raised her hand in the air with a single wave, and yelled, "Sorry 'bout that!"

I almost started laughing out loud! She had the right idea, but it should have been my mom doing that, not Carrie! It was hilarious!

The cuter, more sensitive story though, happened earlier in the day. For whatever reason this morning I was in a particularly crabby mood and Carrie did something that made me snap at her. She sulked off, but a few minutes later came back over to me and said quietly, "Mommy.... I'm so sorry that you yelled at me...."

This time I was stifling both a laugh and an "awwwwe". All I could say back was, "I'm sorry too sweetie". She reached up to give me a hug and said, "I love you so much...".....

I LOVE moments like this. Even if she was a little bit confused ;)

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