Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our New Car! Hallelujah!

After almost a year sharing one car, we've finally gotten a second one again! I'm so excited to have my van back! *If you remember back to last year, my first car from high school that Justin had been driving seriously threatened to drop its transmission. It being a 1994, wasn't nearly worth the cost of fixing, so we sold it to a junk yard. It was a sad day*

Back to the present, with a combo of tax return and some help from Justin's student loans we could afford to get another car! It's a gold '03 Hyundai Elantra, four door, automatic, sunroof... I think it was a good learning experience to go with only one car for a while, but I'm glad that lesson is over now. I totally took for granted being able to run to the store if I needed to, or having a quick air-conditioned drive to the park rather than the long, long walk on super hot days.

The best part was we only had to car-shop for about 5 hours from starting to look around, finding several cars we didn't like, finding the one we did like, and exchanging money for title.

We had planned on it taking more than one day so we had planned to spend the weekend at my parents for the ease of access to most of the cars for sale in the valley and around the clock babysitters.

As I went to post about it, I realized I don't have a picture of it! Justin had to work this morning and he took his new car, and the Craigslist ad is already deleted! So, sorry! We'll try to catch a picture soon!

Therefore, here's Carrie trying to climb a tree in my parents backyard early this morning (yes, she's in her pajamas)

Step one: put one foot up

Step two: jump the other foot up and hold on tight!

Step three: pull your body up, turn around, and say cheese

Step four: climb even higher (with help from a grown-up) and be so proud of yourself you give a beautiful beaming smile

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