Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally! A Craft Room!!

I forgot to take a "before" picture, but I can get close. These two cabinets (which we've been using as bookshelves) were flanking the queen bed in our downstairs guest room.

Justin removing the support brackets.
I'm a little afraid the bed is going to break, once we started emptying the bookshelves out, I realized there were a LOT more than I thought! Our plan is to build a new beautiful bookshelf, but I couldn't wait any longer. That plan's been in the works for months and hasn't been done yet. I was just ready to start on my craft room, new bookshelf or not!

The final setup (for now)! A new 6ft foldable table and chair. My sewing machine can stay set up and plugged in all the time now! No more storing it in the pantry and using it on the kitchen table!

The "after" picture. I moved all my fabric scraps and sewing supplies from my kitchen cupboard (which had overflowed into a couple shelves in my pantry). I have yet to organize them. Someday, I'll put a couple little shelves up for the ribbon/button/clippie knick-knacks and organize my fabric by color and pattern in my drawers!

I'm hoping this setup will de-stress my crafting process (once it's organized) and make me more willing to do projects since it won't be cluttering up my kitchen anymore!

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