Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Construction & Cuddles

I know construction and cuddling have nothing to do with each other, but they both have a purpose in this post. First, the construction part. My parents came to our house this weekend and Justin and my dad built us new shelves in our garage! We'll finally be able to use our "storage nook".

A close up of the corner. Soon I want to buy some plastic totes and get all my kids' clothes organized by size and gender. Right now they're in random grocery bags or old diaper boxes stacked up in various closets throughout the house.
Now onto cuddling... Carrie has done fantastically with leaving her B (a winnie the pooh snuggle blankie) and binky in her bed unless it's bedtime. I don't even have to ask her anymore. A little background: We've always taken them to church with us since she was little. They helped her go to sleep. When she was a baby it worked well because we were holding her all through church anyways.

As she's growing and playing/reading/coloring during church, it's gotten a little trickier. She'll ask for B and binky, but still wants to play. Therefore, several months ago, we instigated a "cuddle rule". She could have them, but only if she sat on our lap and cuddled.

In the past week, she has fiercely embraced the cuddle rule. At random times during the day, she'll go into her room, get B and binky, come downstairs and say, "I wanna cuddle mommy". As adorable and sweet as she is, her personality has always been very anti-cuddle. So when she's the one who asks, I indulge it. I've very much so enjoyed the occasional 5-10 minute spurts of cuddling with my girl.


Heather Farnsworth said...

Nice job on the shelves! It must be so nice to have the extra storage space.

Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

Love the garage shelves! Jealous of that!

As for the binkie/blankie thing, we are EXACTLY the same on that one. I keep thinking I need to get rid of them for good but I just can't help myself when she wants to cuddle up to me and stuff. haha!