Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silly Girls Everywhere!

Carrie loves her baby doll "Wren" like crazy! She carries her everywhere with her, pushes her in the stroller, feeds her play food and takes her to bed with her. A couple of days ago, I thought it would be cute if they matched. I grabbed a piece of pink fabric and stitched up a little skirt for Wren, and discovered that Carrie's pink ribbon ponytail holder was just the right size to fit Wren as a headband.

One day as we were getting Carrie's jammies on her, she asked where Wren's jammies were. I couldn't resist; The next day I went out and bought a pair of premie jammies :) They fit perfectly!

She's as silly as ever too! As I was putting her down for her nap earlier, she found two binkies in her bed and thought it was so funny when she put them both in her mouth at the same time!

She's been learning a lot of new words, and several are pretty lengthy ones. It's so cute to hear such a tiny girl say "delicious", "hippopotamus", or "pistachio" (daddy taught her that one).

She has a couple of words that she always says "not quite right". For example, a tortilla is a "portilla", the number eleven is "deleven", and when she counts, she says, "eighteen, nineteen, twentyteen..." There's also a very large water fountain we drive past occasionally that she calls the "water mountain". I love it!

Tonight I had a girls night with my friends. We were planning in doing the Just Dance game on the Wii. My friend Jessica called me this afternoon and asked if I would dress up with her in 80's attire, just to be funny. I was an 80's girl for halloween a few years ago so I already had all the stuff. It was fun to dress up! She even made leg warmers out of her son's t-ball socks :)
We had a blast and got quite the workout!


Brittney said...

That is so cute how much Carrie likes her little baby doll. It seems like she really talks well. Several months ago Katie Marie used to say, tenteen (instead of 20) she now knows how to say it right, but it took some practice. Also super cute 80's outfit. It's fun to be silly sometimes (just for fun)!!!

Jessica Rodgers said...

thanks for being silly with me it was a blast! your the best!