Saturday, March 5, 2011

Phoenix Children's Museum

Last night we had family date night. We got a little bonus too, just plain mom & dad date night mixed in!

Our friends, the Paynes invited us to go with them for the family night out. I asked if they would be willing to take Carrie with them in the afternoon to drive into town and go to dinner while Justin and I went out to eat by ourselves, then we would all meet up at the museum. They agreed!

We'd never been to the Children's Museum before, but had heard it was totally awesome. The first Friday night of every month is free admission, so there's a long line waiting to get in.

Jake and Carrie waiting anxiously outside the museum

Tah-dah! The HUGE museum! It's basically a three story wonderland play place for kids. Anything and everything to play with!

Daddy helping Carrie go through the "carwash"

The "fort room". Boxes, crates, sheets, clothespins etc, everything you need to build a great fort

Kid sized plinko!

Running around in the "under 3" area

Playing under the slide with glowy pictures

The kitchen was so cute, it was like a real house with no roof so the parents could see inside

Measuring the dried peas in the "grocery store". There were carts, checkouts, produce stands....

Next we moved on to the restaurant. It had a big kitchen area with a pizza oven, play food, hot pads, a wall full of aprons, and cute little tables where some of the parents were sitting while the kids played waiter. Carrie just wanted to sweep :)

Totally focused on the toy

"Oooh, mom look at this!" The kids would turn the crank and the little stuffed animals that were stuck on with velcro would fly off when they got to the top. (I learned later that there's a fan at the top that blows hard enough to fling them off) The kids thought it was hilarious!

The gigantic three story tall jungle gym playplace. HUGE!

Looking down from the top

Relaxing in the book nooks

We were getting tired by this point, it was crazy in there!

Larger than life artwork. This humongous display of CDs is three stories tall!

Getting help with a puzzle from a big kid

The book nooks are way too fun to climb in, who would actually want to sit still and read in them?!

Checking out the hot rod

Vroom, vroom! Riding on a motorcycle!

The extremely miniature version of the HUGE pinewood derby-style race track. The track ran all around the room connected to the walls. You had to climb up the stairs 8 feet in the air to start your car racing.

The noodle forest. It's 30 feet square of swimming noodles hanging from the ceiling. Awesome!

The light up sand art table

We were there for 2 hours and had TONS of fun! We'll definitely be going back!


Brittney said...

That looks like a total blast!!!

Heather Farnsworth said...

Fun! I actually read an article once where the phoenix childrens museum is one of the top ten childrens museums in the country. How fun that you got to go

Laura Cook said...

Wow!That place looks AWESOME! Sounds like it was fun for the parents and the kids! :D