Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun, Busy Saturday!

Today was a very fun day! First of all, I have officially decided I'm not going back to work after all. I was supposed to go to a CPR renewal class this morning, but after a lengthy late night conversation (bad idea, everything's more dramatic at night), I was feeling overwhelmed and for lack of a better word, homesick. I had been offered a shift for next week, and was trying to get used to the idea. The next day at naptime, Carrie fell asleep with her arm around my and her forehead touching mine. I had an aching feeling that I would miss being home all the time. Even if I only did part-time, it didn't feel worth it.

Anyways, because I ditched my class, that meant we got to go to a birthday party in Gilbert! Carrie's friend Karlie turned two and had a Minnie Mouse party! Everyone played in the backyard, ate sandwiches, lemonade, and cupcakes, and got a little sunburned ;)

Carrie enjoyed pushing Daddy on the bench swing
She also tried her hand at golf!

While Carrie was napping at my parents house, Justin and I went out to visit Brigham. After we had been there for a couple of minutes, another family pulled up. We were so excited, it was the Whites! Their family had a little girl born still in October 2009. Her name was Kyndal. Right after Brigham was buried there, her mom "noticed there was a new baby" and found our blog. It was nice to meet them in person. One of Kyndal's big brothers Camden, offered a prayer in behalf of both Kyndal and Brigham before we all left. It's nice to have friends at the cemetery. :)

Our fun-filled day wasn't over though! We had a BBQ with my family and enjoyed the awesome weather. It's sure to get crazy hot soon!

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Brittney said...

That is neat to be able to have friends there to support you.