Monday, March 7, 2011

You Never Know Until....

Over the past few years, I've learned that you are rarely alone in your trials. For example:

I never realized how many people have a hard time getting pregnant until I had a hard time getting pregnant with Carrie.

I never realized how many people have miscarriages until I was pregnant and made it through the first trimester and out of the "risky" time.

I never realized how many people have had a baby die until Brigham died.

Talking about my trials, sharing them with my family, my friends, my blog followers, has opened up the conversation and I've learned a lot about others in my same situation(s).

I'm continually being reminded that Heavenly Father is mindful of my trials and needs. It seems that every single talk in Sacrament meeting, every lesson in Sunday School or Relief Society is exactly what I need in that moment. In Sunday School yesterday the lesson was based on the scripture in Matthew 11:28-30, "Take my yoke upon you". By sharing my burdens, my load has been made lighter and easier to bear.

Another recent lesson was "Developing Trust in God", during which I commented that we've been told over and over, Heavenly Father will not give us any trial that we cannot handle. We are capable (or he will make us capable) of going through everything we are given in this life. If we doubt ourselves, we are doubting the Lord. He KNOWS we can do it, we have to trust in His judgment and come to KNOW for ourselves that we can do it.

If you're going through a tough time, the chances are someone else is going through the same. And it's probably someone you know. Open up to Heavenly Father and ask to have the strength and courage to open up to others. Who knows?... Your experience and empathy might be exactly what they need.


Natalie Sadler said...

I actually found it easier to cope with our huge fiasco when I shared what happened. In sharing it, I had contact with a lot of people sharing their trials with me--infertility, pregnancy loss, etc. It helped me realize that I am not alone and that I can now reach out to others struggling with their problems. Helping others by reaching out has been an incredible growing experience and I have learned so much about other people.

The Gatherers said...

I agree, I was talking with my mom about this the other day and I told her that even though it took me 3 years to make peace with losing Bailey I know now that I can do anything, aslong as I am willing to lean on the Lord and accept the trials I am given. Life is a journey.

Coleen said...

One thing lately that I've heard talked about is "walking a mile in someone else's shoes", if we put ourselves in other people's shoes (situation)I think we do find the ability to be grateful for our own lives a little more and our understanding or compassion towards others problems increases.
I have been thinking of you every day and wanting to know what I can do or say to let you know that I miss Brigham but without upsetting you, and that I love it when you share you tender feelings about him. Miss you all so much!!!! :)