Friday, March 25, 2011

The Worth of "Soles"

I don't remember if I mentioned that I recently got called as the Relief Society Activity Committee Leader. I was very nervous because I felt like it was a "grown up" calling. The only callings I've really ever had were piano, organ and most recently, a primary teacher. Our first activity (with me) was last night and it was AWESOME!

It was focused on visiting teaching and understanding the true meaning of Relief Society. We spent 4 hours decorating the morning of (I didn't think it would take nearly that long!) but it was worth it! It was all themed around shoes.

Each place setting had a picture of a cute pair of shoes and on the back it had a get-to-know-you game question

We decorated the stage with all these super cute high heels

The runway....

We had soup, salad and Olive Garden breadsticks for dinner and then we had a "fashion show". Each of the committee members had on a different type of shoe that represented a different style of visiting teaching. The flip-flop was casual, the Converse liked to talk (converse), the slipper made you feel warm and fuzzy etc... It was great!

A musical number by yours truly on the cello, a couple of testimonies about visiting teaching and texas sheet cake for dessert!

Oh yeah, side story about the sheet cake. I sent out reminder emails to everyone who signed up to bring a cake and the day of the activity, I got an email back from one sister who said something had come up and she couldn't come. I ended up just taking it upon myself to make her cake. Everything would have been fine had I not chosen my one cookie sheet that does a funky little warp thing in the oven. By the time I noticed, the cake had totally baked unevenly. One corner was super thin and burned, and the opposite corner was super thick and gooey in the middle.... Fail.... So I baked it All. Over. Again.... Fortunately it turned out the second time.
I'm excited for future activities! It's fun to be so involved in the Relief Society finally! I've basically only been in Relief Society for about a year. Since I got married when I was 18, we lived in a student ward. Everyone was our age, lived in our apartment complex and were college students. It wasn't a "real" ward (although a truly great and fun experience).

Once we graduated and Carrie was born, I was just a plain ol' Relief Society sister, but then a year ago when we moved into our new ward we were immediately called to Primary! I'm enjoying building new friendships with the other women in our ward! Hopefully planning all theses activities and lessons will teach me something I need to learn!


Natalie Sadler said...

I wish I was as creative as you. I'm sure you will do so well in your calling!

Brittney said...

That looks like it turned out to be such a cute activity!!! I'm still waiting to have my chance to be in RS. I get called out within a week, every time we move to a new ward. It looks like you'll have a ton of fun!!!

The Gatherers said...

so fun,this reminds me of our young women's days, in a much more grown up way.