Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bragging About Carrie

Carrie had her 2 year old check up last week, and basically, she's totally awesome. :)

33 1/2 inches ........ 40th percentile
22 lbs ............. 7th percentile

She's picked that growth curve and stuck to it! So even though she's a lightweight, she's growing and learning like crazy!

To prove my point, here's how the conversation with the doctor went:

Dr: How is she on vocabulary?

Justin: Um, good. This morning she told me , "I don't want that."

Dr: Oh... A 4 word sentence... We would have been happy with two word phrases. Can she count? (laughing and joking)

Rebecca: Actually, she can. Carrie can you count?

Carrie: 1, 2, 3, 4, ... (5 & 6 with prompting), 7, 8, 9, 10!

Dr: Oh... Wow.

Rebecca: Carrie, can you sing your abc's for Dr. Macko?

Carrie: (on tune, mind you) a, b, c, d, e..... h, i, j.... lmnop, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, and z, Now I know... abc's, next time... sing... me.

Dr: *deer in headlights look*

Rebecca: (enjoying showing off by this point) Carrie can you sing twinkle twinkle little star?

Carrie: *whole song, with actions...*

Dr: Um, ok.... How about motor development? How is she with walking/balancing?

Justin: Great. She walks, runs, spins, jumps on a trampoline and sometimes gets both legs off the ground at the same time...

Dr: Well, she's pretty much hit every developmental milestone we would expect to see by her three year old checkup, so you don't have much to work on this year. Basically just potty training. See you when she's three!


Things she's done lately that are so adorable we love her even more!

-Changes her baby doll's diaper, complete with wipes and wrapping up the "yucky" diaper
-Says, "Good morning mommy!" when I go to get her in the morning
-Has learned, "That's mine!" with a tiny whine and frown (I'm sure it won't be cute for long, but good thing she's also great at sharing once I remind her!)
-Just yesterday she told me, "I sleeped good!" after waking up (and no that's not a typo, I know the word is slept. She said "sleeped") :)
-Will randomly ask for ice cream. We don't even eat it all that often... I'm not sure where she learned that.
-Dances like a wild woman! To anything that resembles music. Sometimes even a good commercial will do.
-Super independent, "Carrie do it!" is a common phrase around here, and she usually can :)
-Often says, "I want to see baby Brigham" at naptime or bedtime. I finally just moved his picture into her room...

I'm so glad I have her to fill my days. A few of my friends that have lost babies didn't have other kids at home. While she certainly doesn't fill the hole from Brigham, she definitely helps distract me from it. I still have someone who calls me mommy and gives me hugs. Someone to tuck into bed and sing songs with. I've never been more grateful for her than I am right now.


Brittney said...

Way to go Carrie!!! Belinda is just now starting to say words that I can actually understand. And has started to say sentences like, "Daddy's hair." Oh and the ABC's sound like this, "e,e,e,e,e,e,e," Which is pretty close, right? Luckily I'm not at all worried that she'll be just fine developmentally. But that is so fun for you to brag to the doctor about Carrie, it sounds like you had really good reason to too. Carrie is such a cutie pants.

Heather F said...

Wow! Amazing! I am really impressed.. Travis isn't anywhere near the vocabulary development that Carrie is at. I love hearing little kids that age talk.. its so cute. Is there anyway you can post a video of it or something?

Karissa said...

Wow! She is one smart kid! Must be from all the excellent parenting she gets =)

Sara Starks said...

What a bright one you've got, my son turned 2 a few months ago and can still only say a handful of words. My oldest was ahead of the game like Carrie, they sure are fun when you can find such a big personality in such a little person.

Jenelle said...

What a cutie- keep it up Carebear!

Lynn said...

I teach in the special needs preschool program for GPS at your mom's school, and she'd be a DREAM model for my students! Seriously! And, I'm SO impressed that your pediatrician asks all these developmental questions (trust me, they don't all do this, but they SHOULD.... so many delays would be caught if they did). You're obviously an AMAZING mommy! She's blessed to have you.... and I'm so happy you have her, too.

Jeni Brown said...

Wow what a cutie you are so lucky with her she is doing awesome what are your tricks?

Natalie Sadler said...

Maybe Carrie can come all the way up to Ogden and try to get my son to start talking? lol I feel like he's NEVER going to get it!

Aubri said...

Carrie is a rockstar. End of story! :-) I'm so glad that you have her too... she's just such a love. Also, your descriptions of the Doc's facial expressions had me giggling at work!

Haylee said...

What a little sweetheart. I'm not surprised at all that she is way ahead of the game. She was so cute at the family reunion.

Coleen said...

Way to go Carrie! She is very smart. (I think she knows it too :) I am glad your pediatrician does ask those questions. Alot do not. I agree with another comment about that.
She is just a doll! She will keep you and Justin on your toes for sure.
What a sweet "Valentine" she is.