Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is Carrie's first Valentine's Day where she actually got to celebrate! She was invited to a party on Friday afternoon with all her little friends from the ward. They decorated bags, exchanged valentines, frosted cookies and played in the backyard! She had a blast!


I captured this great picture of her adorable new haircut! Last week I took out my frustration of "my hair is in the in-between stage" on her. (I can't decide if I should get my hair cut, or grow it out....) Lucky for her, my spur-of-the-moment hair cutting decision turned out super cute! (I love toddler-bobs)

Yesterday, we made valentines cookies for a couple widowed sisters in the ward. Of course, she had to wear her apron to help!

We made a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe, but added red food coloring and used white chocolate chips instead. Cute and delicious!

Then we went out with a friend to "heart-attack" their houses!

Carrie's friend Hudson posing for the camera


Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone's day is full of love!


Shawn and Ashley said...

wow look at you! Thinking of others already after such a hard time. Impressive, and amazing. Thanks for posting..

Heather F said...

What a cute haircut! I wish I could have my hair cut like that and it actually look cute. It looks like you guys had a fun Valentines day weekend!

Brittney said...

Carrie has one pretty dang cute haircut. She is such a cute little Valentine!!!

LUCKY7 said...


The Gatherers said...

you are amazing! You have so many talents, and service is definately one of them! When great lessons you are teaching Carrie, and having fun at the same time. Her hair cut is absolutely precious!