Friday, February 18, 2011

Decorating for an Angel

We've been doing a little extra decorating around here lately. Here's a few pictures from around the house.

This wall is in the loft. The plaque says, "Our children are our greatest treasure"

This picture was a gift from a friend from high school. The card it came with said she had it hanging in their nursery for the last few years. She'd always thought it represented the great farewell babies have before they come to Earth. After Brigham died, she said it took on a whole new meaning for her, what a great reunion they must have... Thank you Sara.

This one was a gift from my aunts and uncles on my mom's side. We decided to hang it in our entryway. It will be the first thing people see when they come to our house. It is called, "In His Constant Care"

A picture of our completed master bedroom (finally)! I've been slowly painting, hanging pictures, covering pillows etc. to get it done.

A close-up of the pictures above our bed. The top left and bottom right are the newest ones. Brigham is now represented on that wall.

Although, he pretty much gets his own wall in our bedroom. It wasn't necessarily my intent, but once I started arranging pictures to be hung, I realized they are almost all for him.
The picture on the top right is something I got while in nursing school. It shows Christ watching from the doorway as a mom and dad take care of their sick daughter. The artist had originally wanted the picture to depict Christ caring for the girl while the parents watched from the doorway. Someone pointed out to him that that's not how it works though. The mom and dad are the ones physically caring for a sick child while Christ watches over them. I hadn't yet found a place to hang this in our new house. When I was sifting through the closet, I had an overwhelming feeling that this is exactly what we just went through. We were in Brigham's NICU room every day, trying our best to take care of him, while Christ watched over all of us.

Brigham's shadow box (next to the brush and comb is hair from his first and only haircut. We trimmed the back after giving him his bath)

The hand and footprint frame was a gift from Justin's cousin Jenelle. The rock plaque was a gift from Grandpa Mark. Definitely words to remember

A gift from Great-Grandma and Grandpa LaPray. The inscription says, "Brigham, We Love You Forever". My favorite part is that it plays "Hush Little Baby" like a music box, while the horse slowly spins.


Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

Rebecca, you're such a strong person! Everytime I read your blog I just cry! I'm so glad we have the gospel and I know that you'll get to see your sweet baby Brigham again. I love all the pictures that you put up but I especially love the one that you're putting in the entrance to your house!

Meagan said...

your wall and room look great! i will have to come see them in person

Chelsea said...

I love the artwork with Christ and the babies. So precious and perfect. Your house looks wonderful and full of the love of a family. I hope to come see it sometime soon.