Monday, February 21, 2011

Prayer and Potty Progress

On Sunday, Carrie started to get antsy the last few minutes of Sacrament Meeting. She said, "Mommy, I wanna play with my friends" (go to nursery). I whispered to her, "Ok sweetie, in just a few minutes when this man is done talking, we'll sing a song, say a prayer, and after the prayer, you can go play with your friends."

Apparently she just focused on the last part. She thought for a second, said, "Ok" and proceeded to fold her arms, bow her head, and say a prayer on her own. Justin and I were having a hard time trying to not laugh out loud! It was the same quick little prayer she always says, and when she was done, she looked up and said, "Go play with friends?" What a smarty pants! I'm sure her thought process was, "Hmmm, mom said after the prayer we can go.... I can take care of that!"

Moving on to potty training progress. We had a super success for a couple hours Saturday night when she went in the potty 4 times! We went out to the bathroom 3 times during Sacrament Meeting, one of which she actually went on the potty. Sunday afternoon, she had her first success at #2 on the potty! Needless to say, it was really exciting! (I love being so excited about such a weird thing! Being a mom is the best!)

She's picked up on me saying "Good Job!, High Five!, I'm so proud of you!" etc. and she's started saying them for herself. She'll reach out to give me a hug or high five before I even have a chance. The best though, is when she squeals, "I DID IT!!"

I've decided to change my strategy a little. Instead of putting her in panties all day and changing clothes all the time, I'm keeping her in a diaper with panties on top and having her sit on the potty a lot more often. Yesterday I only changed one diaper. All. Day. We're catching it before she has a chance to wet her diaper. I've noticed she is a lot happier with it.

I know some kids do better with the shock of feeling wet and it makes them catch on really quick. Carrie was starting to hate sitting on the potty and would freak out every time she wet her pants. Since "the switch", she's been much more willing to "work with me" and we've had more success! We'll keep it up and hope progress keeps going forward!


Brittney said...

That potty training idea sounds like a much easier route to go. Carrie is such a smart little girl.

Laura Cook said...

Crystal even SEES panties and runs screaming. Being wet from not having a diaper on really really upset her too. Its why we gave up initially. But I'm starting fresh on Monday when I get home from Idaho Falls! I don't know that I'll even be able to get her to sit on the potty chair, but we'll see what happens! I may try your idea and keep her diaper on... it may keep us both sane ... she won't have to be wet and I won't have to clean it up!
Its so exciting that Carrie is catching on so well. It really sounds like she's getting the hang of it pretty fast! And I don't think its a weird thing AT ALL to be happy about. If Crystal was doing that well, I would be shouting it to the whole world: "MY DAUGHTER IS PEEING IN THE POTTY! SHE EVEN WENT #2!! WOO HOO!" ... but she's not, so I won't ... lol ... instead I'll shout: "GO CARRIE! COME SHOW CRYSTAL HOW TO DO IT RIGHT...pleeeaaaassseee..." hehe :D