Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Sincere Prayer

Carrie has totally picked up on prayers, and it's adorable!

A few days ago at dinner, she didn't want to say a blessing. So Justin and I turned away from her a little bit, and told her we were going to pray by ourselves so we could eat. After we finished our blessing, we started to serve up our plates. Carrie said with a little frown, "Mommy, I want some dinner..." I asked her if she wanted to say her own blessing so she could have some. She quickly agreed.

Justin prompted her to start, but after that, she took off on her own. It went something like this, "Heavenly Father, thank you this day, please bless it, be healthy and strong, name Jesus Christ, AMEN!"

We were amazed. Justin shouted out, "I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE AWESOME!" She's so dang cute, I don't know how we stand it...

As far as potty training goes, we haven't made much progress in the last few days, but only because I haven't been very committed. We've had places to go, and things to do, so I've been putting a diaper on her occasionally to avoid accidents in the carseat etc. I think she's getting the general idea though. She's telling me as soon as she goes in her diaper, so that's a good step. It's not like she's going off to Kindergarten next week and it HAS to be done. She's still young, I'm not going to rush it and make her hate it. This next week I just have to be a little more dedicated.

We had a ward adult "Valentine's" party last night. It was called, "Shanghai Love You". We made stir-fry as a table together and after dinner, we had a speaker on Love and Family relationships. He talked about strengthening love between a husband and wife, but also between parents and children. I know we got lucky with such an adorable, well-behaved little girl, but it also makes me think that maybe we're doing something right to get to be her parents.

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