Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Growing Up is Hard to Do

Shhhhh.... Don't tell Carrie. We're on day 5 of the "B and binky diet".

For a long time she had them only at bedtime or on very long car rides. During our "Brigham month" she got spoiled and had them whenever she wanted. (And rightly so, it was a long, traumatic month). The immediate drama is over however, and it was time to put my foot down...

And by that, I mean, politely tell Carrie that B and binky need to go night-night and stay in her bed. She can only have them if she is in her room, in her bed. At first, when I asked her if she wanted to go sit in bed, she said yes (through her binky) and started walking towards her room. By the time she got there she had changed her mind, threw them both onto her bed and walked out, shushing me and whispering nigh-night as she closed the door behind her.

A couple of times over the weekend we've taken "long" car rides into town (30 minutes) and she's asked for them in her little high pitched whiny voice. I knew the car was going to be the hard part. We sang songs, counted to 50, she read every book in her diaper bag, and survived without them! Yeah!

Part two of "growing up".... Yesterday Carrie didn't want me to put a new diaper on her after changing it in the morning. I asked if she wanted to wear panties on top of her diaper. This seemed to work for her, so that's what we did.

This morning, not so much... As I was changing her diaper, she jumped up and started repeating, "I wanna sit on the potty!!" When she was "all done" (without having actually gone to the bathroom of course), she did NOT want to put a new diaper on. I asked if she wanted to wear panties today. Her answer was a very emphatic "YES!"

And so our day began. So far today she's peed 7 times, only one of which was actually in the potty. And even that one was while she still had her panties pulled up. It's a slow learning curve :) So far, she's already gotten a tiny bit better at "telling me" (yelling, "oh no! pee-pee!") and running toward the potty.

We'll see how it goes. I know if I want it to work, I'm going to have to be very committed! What did I get myself into?! ;)


Brittney said...

Wow that is a lot. Potty training is the least exciting thing I have to look forward to with Belinda. Maybe I'm just worried because of all the trauma involved when we did it with Katie Marie. You may not want any suggestions so disregard this if you think what your doing is working, but you may want to try using the panties as a reward for going in the potty and just have her wear a long shirt or dress with nothing under for the first week of potty training. That worked good for KM because she didn't get a false sense of security with the panties on and thinking about it in the same way as diapers. We also had little treats for successful potty trips (skittles or M&Ms work good)and we used a sticker chart that if she filled up she got a bigger prize. Most of all good luck. And don't forget that accidents will still happen long after the potty training is over. It's a good idea to have pull-ups for a while during long trips away from home and avoid the auto-flush toilets if at all possible (or cover them up for her). And now I will wish you luck!!!

Heather F said...

You are a ton braver then I am! I know I really need to buckle down and get rid of the binky.. I just can't handle the whining though! haha. Make sure you write down all your little secrets for potty training so when I get to that point I have some advice to go on

Jenna said...

We potty trained Audrey at the same age -- almost a month after she turned 2. It's the perfect age if they are expressing interest, which she obviously is. So just stick with it!

And good luck with the binky weaning, too!

Gooooo Carrie and Rebecca!

Jessica Rodgers said...

It is so worth it alaina now has it under control and I am so happy I stuck to it. I have a ton of stuff from the huggies party that I can get for you when I get back from the hospital on thurs Good Luck

The Picketts said...

I used "How to Potty Train in a Day" with Gracie. I had her teach her doll how to use the potty then had her SHOW the doll what to do. EVery 20 minutes, I'd check her and the doll to see if they were dry. Every time they were dry, they got a treat and we'd sit on the toilet for a few minutes. Then, once when I checked them, the doll was dry and I told Gracie to tell the doll that you are NOT supposed to wet your panties and Gracie got a treat but not the doll. (I hope this makes sense). By the end of the day, the doll had kinda taken back seat and it transitioned over to just Gracie. She only had 3 accidents the first day. After that day, she never had an accident (as long as I reminded her to go every often during the day). I know every kiddo is different, but maybe it would work. GOOD LUCK!

Stephanie said...

I have learned a few things with 5 boys--- one of which has to do with potty training!!! : )

I have learned that if it doesn't happen within 1-3 days, the child is NOT ready.

When Marissa was here a few summers ago. One day in June I told her "Today is the day that Steven and Luke are getting potty trained" Well, we started out the day and it just seemed like it was accident after accident and they (and I) were just getting more and more frustrated. So I stopped after several hours.

2 months later. Steven came to me willing to use the potty and was trained in about 2 hours!!!!!!

Luke on the other hand told me "mom, I love my diaper" it took him a couple more months but then in December he was potty trained and again took all of a few hours. No matter how badly WE want it, the child just might not be ready---don't force it--I promise it is A LOT easier when they are ready. Cody was the same way--he was about 2 years 9 months and it happened in about 3 hours too. Or you could be like grandma-- she said Brad was potty trained at 18 months, although it took 18 months for it to stick!!! haha.. Just food for thought!! : ) Good luck!!!

Karissa said...

That is a great idea for getting kids off the binky! I'll have to remember that. And at least she wants to potty train... I'd imagine it would be harder if she hated sitting on the potty ;-)

Jenelle said...

You can do it (Carrie and Mom!). I love her little bob hair cut- so cute!

Chris and Devrey said...

Ah, Rebecca, I hadn't heard about poor Brigham. How my heart aches for you! You are in my thoughts and prayers. In the meantime, what a sweet little girl you have! Carrie has grown up so much...it has been awhile since I've blogged and it's fun to see her progress. I will never forget you as Bailey's nurse:) I'll bet you're such a wonderful mom. Hang in there and know there are many who pray for you and your family and love you!