Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Small Way to Help

We've had a LOT of people ask us what they can do for our family at this time. We feel like we don't know quite what to say. One of our friends had the idea to open the "Brigham Greer Memorial Fund" (account # 5012602446 at any Wells Fargo Bank). This fund will be used mostly to help with Brigham's hospital expenses.

Because of the amazing missionary spirit Brigham brought to us all, we have also decided to take a small portion of donations and start a Greer Family Missionary fund that as our children grow, we will continue to make contributions to. Our hope is for this to help support Brigham's siblings in the future as they serve formal church missions here on Earth.

If this is something you would like to do for our family, it would be great, but if not, we still appreciate all the many, many prayers that are being offered in our behalf. We are certainly feeling the comfort of the Holy Ghost with us as a result.


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Oh Rebecca... I just found your blog and read everything that has gone on. My soul is aching for you, and my heart is in pieces. Please know how terribly sorry I am, and that I am here if you ever need someone to call. If you need to cry I can let you cry. If you need a laugh, I can tell a joke. You are in my prayers... 509-760-2188

Cori White said...

My name is cori white. We were at the cemetery today and noticed a new baby there... I figured with the technology of today I could Google his name and find you. I promise I'm not crazy. Our daughter kyndal is buried near brigham. You can read her story .. maybe we will see you one day while we visit our babies... kyndalann.blogspot.. sorry for your loss.