Thursday, May 12, 2011

Brigham's Tree

This is Brigham's Tree

It got delivered and planted today and we're very excited about it. My sister, her husband, and her in-laws wanted to buy us a tree for our yard in Brigham's memory.

We have plans to put garden pavers around the bottom and plant some flowers at the base. We will also eventually figure out some way to "label" it as Brigham's tree (a decorative sign, or boulder or something).

I can see it out of my dining room and family room windows and it's a beautiful symbol to have for him. This tree will protect us from the sun someday by providing shade, and Brigham will always be watching over our family (when he has spare time from all his hard work as a missionary of course) ;)

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The Gatherers said...

oh this is so sweet! What a beautiful tree it is.