Saturday, May 21, 2011

New/Old Friends

We have some new neighbors around the corner. They're some friends from the ward who moved from a different neighborhood. So even though we already know them, it feels like we have brand new friends because they're so close now!

This morning we "hung out" at their joint garage sale (with another neighborhood friend). The kids ate cookies and played in the sprinklers while we tried our best to stay in the shade of the garage. We took a couple things over and actually made $15 bucks! Not bad!

Anyways, they invited us over for a BBQ that afternoon. Their new house is the same floor plan as ours, only mirrored. It's weird though; They look totally different! Just having different furniture and pictures, etc. makes everything look like a completely different house.

My favorite part of the evening was when we busted out Rock Band. Eli loves the spotlight of being "the singer", and Cori rocks the drums better than anyone I've seen. Justin was a good sport and strummed bass so I could suck the limelight and play guitar. We played far past the kids bedtimes, but we had a blast! Love you Carpenters!

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Julie and John said...

Did Cori and Eli move again?