Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I'm feeling very celebrated today. Both on Earth and in Heaven. Last year on Mother's Day we announced that we were expecting Brigham. This year was a little bittersweet as I remembered that. But I thoroughly enjoyed the Mother's Day talks in Sacrament Meeting and feeling Brigham's sweet spirit as the Primary children got up and sang, "Mother, I Love You".

I felt a little selfish that I didn't celebrate my own mother or mother-in-law very much today. I was very focused on me and my own experiences as a mother. The only reason I've had any success as a mother is because of them.

I miss Brigham. He would have been 4 months old yesterday. 4 months! Has it really been that long?! Sometimes, it seems like just last week, and other times it seems like a year ago. We got to visit the cemetery today. The last several times we've gone, we've left Carrie at my parents' house. This time we brought her with us and I'm glad we did. She was pretty irreverent at the graveside, (completely appropriate for a two year old) and spent the whole time running around giggling happily while my dad "chased" her. She reminded me of the joyful things I still have in my life; One of the greatest of which is her.

There was another mom there sitting only a couple spaces over from us and she was visibly crying at her baby's graveside. I couldn't help but feel so blessed to have the knowledge of the gospel and that our family is sealed for all eternity. The grave is only temporary. As we walked away, I leaned down, gave her a little squeeze on the shoulders and said, "Happy Mother's Day". I hope it helped. I can't imagine not knowing I would see my sweet baby again someday.

One of my favorite quotes from the First Presidency (I couldn't find exactly who, sorry) is, “Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels.” I LOVE BEING A MOTHER.


Corynn said...

David O. McKay. 1942 Oct. Conference... I couldn't find the actual talk, but I found a YM lesson that referenced that quote! I love it! Thanks for posting. :)

The Gatherers said...

I'm so impressed how strong you are, it's such a blessing to be a mother not only on earth but in Heaven too.