Saturday, May 28, 2011

What a Memory!

It constantly amazes me the amount of memory in our little two year old. We were joking around saying a couple quotes from the movie Cars and Carrie started to finish them. For example:

Me: "Van, I just don't see any on ramp anywhere!"
Carrie: "Mini, I know exactly where we are", "Yeah, we're in the middle of NOWHERE!"

Justin: "Turn right to go left...."
Carrie: "Guess what?! I tried it! And you know what?! This crazy thing happened! I went RIGHT!", "You keep talking to yourself people will think you're crazy!", "Thanks for the tip!", "What? I wasn't talking to you!"

And no, I'm not exaggerating. That's how long of a quote she actually does.... Multiple characters. It's hilarious. I'll make a far-too-often-movie-quote-referencer out of her yet!

*On a random aside, remember my post "Green Thumb"? I take it back. Yesterday I transplanted the little zucchini sprouts from the pot into the garden and they were dead a few hours later. Gone. Shriveled. Dried up. And I can be pretty certain they're not going to come back. I'm so sad......*

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