Thursday, May 26, 2011

Waltzing and Swimming

Currently, Carrie's second favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty. And she knows it well. One of her new occasion pass-times is playing the Sleeping Beauty Waltz and singing along on the piano. Now, obviously, she doesn't actually know how to play it (we'd sign her up for America's Got Talent or Start Search or something) but she loves to plunk out random nothings on the piano and belt out the song at the top of her lungs! Enjoy. *Notice she's "reading" the song from the hymn book?*

Last night we went into Mesa to go to the Temple with our friend/basically family member Christopher Beeson (soon to be a full-time Elder in Santiago Chile North *Almost Justin's mission. Justin was in Santiago West*). Since we stayed so late, we just spent the night. Carrie and I got to enjoy hanging out at grandma and grandpa's most of the day. Carrie's favorite part of the day was when we wandered into the backyard and saw the sprinklers on.

Of course, she immediately asked me if she could get her "swimming soup" on (yes, that's what she calls it). My mom bought a little suit to keep at her house so I said, "Sure, why not?"

Testing out the sprinklers with her hand

And jumping over the sprinkler head right into the spray (I know you can't see the water in the picture, but trust me, it's there)

Then we played with sidewalk chalk for a little while. I certainly had fun. Strangely, she didn't quite understand it. It didn't last very long.

She humored me though and posed for a picture with my chalk art

Next she wanted to put her feet in the cool. Not the pool, the cool.....

Feet are used to it, now it's time to start climbing in

Down to the second step

Woohoo! Waist high in the freezing water!!

And it truly was freezing. OK, probably not really, but it was NOT comfortable for swimming. It was cold! But since she wanted to get in, I kind of had to.... Once we both got used to it though, we had fun. She's getting much better at kicking her feet and floating on her back.

What a fun outdoor mommy-daughter day!

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