Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

As far as I know, Memorial Day was originated to remember fallen soldiers. Well, I don't really know any fallen solders, so to me Memorial Day is just a day to go visit family members' graves. This year, unfortunately, we didn't go visit a great-grandparent....

We ate a big breakfast with my family and then went all together to visit Brigham. And we had a special treat! His headstone is finally finished and just got installed last week. This was the first time we'd seen it! It's so beautiful!!!

Our Earthly family

Missing Brigham

Cute big sister trying to get an annoying tiny rock out of her shoe. I love that she has no focus at the cemetery. She knows who Brigham is, she recognizes his picture, and if you ask her where he is, she says, "Brigham lives with Jesus." And that's all she needs to know.

My side of the family. (Brandon, Justin, Jake, Dad/Grandpa, Kevin, Marissa, Rebecca, Mom/Grandma, Carrie, Kandis, and Rose)

We had some peaceful time remembering Brigham and then we spent the rest of the day as a family playing games, swimming, and BBQing.

Since my mom is all done with the school year she asked if Carrie could stay with her a couple of days. So now I'm home all alone trying to mega-clean and paint the upstairs loft and hallway! Woohoo!

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Julie and John said...

I like Brigham's headstone. It is beautiful.