Monday, June 6, 2011

Greer Family Reunion!

We just spent a long weekend in Ruidoso, New Mexico with Justin's family. It was awesome! We were told we'd rented out a "cabin" for the few days.... Not so. It was a gorgeous 6 bedroom, 6 1/2 bath mansion, with a kitchen I coveted....

All three of Justin's sisters were there with their kids. We missed out on one Brother-in-Law who had to work at the last minute. Other than that though, EVERYONE was there! It's been a long time since that happened!

Logan, Liam, Savannah, and Carrie cuddled up watching Cars

Kind of a random picture, but it's mostly to show you how big and beautiful the house is (and a little messy by the time we played there for several days)

The dream kitchen. Mostly just the fridge (brushed stainless steel french doors with a freezer drawer....) Oh yeah, and the double ovens.

Friday night was possibly Carrie's first time trying to eat corn on the cob. Can you tell?

"Ohhh!! That's how you're supposed to eat it!"

Some of the family eating dinner (My favorite part of this pic though is my 14 year old niece Shylah showing sarcastic exhaustion from all the little kids constantly running around) ;)

Gigi Greer's swirly frosting birthday cupcakes, made by yours truly (there's a cookies and cream filling, oh so delicious!)

Happy Birthday Gigi!

Holy Deer! They came sooo close to the house! They weren't scared of us at all. It was awesome! Most nights we were there, a few would wander by in the evening.

Uncle Michael trying to feed one of the deer. (Can you believe how close it is?!)

Carrie and Savannah being cute. Carrie discovered a new favorite snack, apples. Technically it's not a new snack, but I usually slice it up first. She thoroughly enjoyed walking around for a whole hour slowly munching away at the whole thing though.

Out for an evening walk with cousin Ben.

Carrie and Savannah playing cards

Nana teaching them how the memory game is played. I wasn't actually around while they were playing, I'm not sure how well they did. I assume they did amazingly though ;)

Michael tried to feed both babies (Rugby and Bella) at once. That worked for all of 5 seconds.... Rugby's saying, "You eat it dad!"

On Friday we made a Wal-Mart run in town and bought Guitar Hero! We've wanted it ever since we got our Wii several years ago, but for one reason or another, had never gotten it. Justin had gone from, "Ehhh, I guess I'll play....." to, "Wow, I'm getting 97% on Medium, maybe I need to move to Hard!" This makes me very happy because I LOVE playing Guitar Hero, but Justin has always been reluctant. Now we can jam out together!

Saturday, we had planned to go into town to the community pool. It had a big slide and looked like a lot of fun. We got all loaded in the cars and not 10 seconds after pulling away from the house it started to HAIL! Really?! We decided it was probably a fluke weather system and would pass quickly. We kept on our drive down the "mountain" into town. By the time we got to the pool, it had stopped raining and wasn't even raining anymore. But the pool was closing for the day. There was lightning in the distance and they said it was too dangerous.

Instead, we headed down the street to a place called "Fun Trackers". It had mini-golf, go karts, bumper boats etc. We'd only been there for about 20 minutes when it started to rain again! Papa, Logan, Justin and I shivered under a tree on the 7th hole of the mini-golf course for about 15 minutes before we decided to give up. We ran through the rain to find the rest of the family.

They were huddled under an awning next to the go-kart track. After another 10 minutes of rain, it finally stopped and the employees got to work with giant leaf blowers drying off the track. In no time at all, we started playing again! It was a blast! A lot of people had left running when it started to rain, but I'm glad we stuck it out. The weather was warm and sunny the rest of the day!

Carrie rode with Nana on the bumper boats. And unfortunately, I don't have any other pictures from our time at Fun Trackers. :(

I do, however, have cute pictures of some of the kids! These are all the preschool/toddler aged kids. Liam, Savannah, Logan, Carrie and Ben.

Climbing on the bear statues outside the house

Saturday night we got a serious workout, either from dancing with the Wii game, "Just Dance" or laughing at those who were dancing. It was so much fun! We even got Nana, Papa, and Gigi to do a few songs! Some of the little kids even got in on it! Sadly, I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy with the video camera. Better for the memories though, to see and hear the songs in action. :)

Sunday morning the wonderful Priesthood holders in the family blessed baby Bella. Rather than the "typical" 6 weeks old at a baby blessing, Bella was 6 MONTHS old and quite the wiggle worm! There were a couple of times where she almost jumped right out of their hands! It was still a wonderful experience and I was reminded of how blessed I am to have a righteous Priesthood holder in my home.

Before heading home on Sunday we took a few little family pictures.

Justin with his parents and sisters.

We really enjoyed spending time with Justin's family and hope to be able to do it again soon! It's getting more and more difficult as everyone grows up, has more kids and some of us move away. It was fun to be with family and remember the blessings of being sealed together for Eternity. We love you guys!


Heather Farnsworth said...

When you guys were over in Ruidoso Alan and I were driving up through los cruces and ended up staying the night it socorro before we headed up to Farmington the next day. We were so close to you guys!
I remember a few years ago on the news about a ton of flooding the had down in Ruidoso.. side thought!
It looks like you guys had a ton of fun at your family reunion. Its always great when family can get together

Mrs. Jaybird said...

What a fun family reunion! Isn't it fun to get all the cousins together?

Jenelle said...

So you guys got to go to Ruidoso- and I haven't been home in a year! Looks like you had a blast!