Thursday, June 16, 2011

Growing Up

Carrie's getting so grown up! First of all, potty training is going great! We're still working on the #2 part, but she's got #1 down! Even in just the last couple of days she's made huge progress in being the "instigator" of potty trips. Rather than me constantly asking her and taking her, she tells me she needs to go, so we go. It's awesome! This picture shows how she taught herself to reach the sink to wash her hands. It's adorable, but only because I'm standing right by her making sure she doesn't slip :)

Sometimes growing up is hard to do.... For mommy. Carrie is pretty much done with naps. Ever since the binkies have gone away, so has naptime. She'll nap maybe twice a week. If I'm lucky. Therefore, we have started "quiet time". During her normal naptime in the afternoon, we'll go into her room, turn on only a lamp, not the overhead light and do quiet activities like puzzles or read an exorbitant amount of books. Occasionally, quiet time will end in a nap, but so far we have a losing record... I'm hopeful, however, that if we keep up with quiet time, she'll maybe get back into the swing of naps; at least ever other day.
And randomly, because it was so cute.... Last night I woke up around midnight and went to take Carrie in to the bathroom. In the dark, I almost passed right by her though. The loft is between our room and her room, and sometime in the night, she decided to go sleep on the couch. It was so cute. And luckily, she did not "pee the couch" (you know, like "pee the bed"?.....) Actually, she's only peed the bed twice in the two weeks we've been at potty training. Keep it up Carrie!

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Coleen said...

Ahh, so cute and sweet. She is a character! Makes me smile when I read stuff about her.