Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bzzzzz......... Stung!

We were invited to come along with some friends to the pool this morning. Some of the kids had their last day of swimming lessons and I wanted to check out the teacher and see if she was offering a second session. We swam with the littler kids while the older ones were having their lessons.

After lessons were over, we spent a few more minutes playing in the pool, and noticed a bee floating in the water close to us. Some of the kids were scared, so I tried to grab a scoop of water and fling the bee out of the pool. It didn't work. And I. Got. Stung.

I've never been stung by a bee before, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I learned quickly though, that it's called a sting for a reason; it really stung! Right after I tried to fling it out, but got stung instead, we noticed 3 other half dead bees sitting by the edge of the pool. We decided this was the tipping point at the end of our swimming trip and it was time to go home.

As we were drying off and gathering our things, it started to throb and ache. I know very little about bee stings, but I thought I remembered it being important to get the stinger out. I didn't want to do something wrong though, so I left it until we got home.

After googling it, I learned that the point of getting the stinger out quickly is to prevent venom from continuing to seep into the skin in the first few minutes. Which I did not. My hand got a teeny bit puffy about an inch around the sting, but other than that, the pain subsided significantly after only a few minutes and now it's completely gone.

The worst part? In all of our hullabaloo, we forgot to ask the teacher if she was teaching a second session that we could sign Carrie up for. At least we had a fun morning swimming with friends.

On the positive side, I was trying to get Carrie to blow bubbles and kick her feet, and she did pretty well. I think with a few swimming lessons she'd be swimming champ in no time!

Now, some semi-old pictures (two weeks ago-ish) that I just forgot to post.

This has become Carrie's swimming hair-do. Diagonal part, two french braids. It keeps her hair out of her face, is super cute, and pretty easy to do if I turn on Mickey Mouse first ;)

Bundled up pool-side

Laying out, catching some rays

Jamming out on Guitar Hero.

Just plain being cute. I'm not sure what it is, but I think she looks so grown up in this picture. Kind of makes me wonder what she'll look like in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years etc....


Mrs. Jaybird said...

I think it's her complexion and hairstyle! Bangs always make people look younger. She really is looking so grown up.

I don't know if you'd remember this, but my sister Larissa got stung by a bee just above her eyelid just before your family left the cul-de-sac in Roy. I'm pretty sure Kevin made fun of her and made her cry! But that's okay. Justin, Jossi and I called her "Quasi Modo." And we made her cry, too.

Coleen said...

Wow, sorry about the bee sting. I'm allergic to them and also red ants. Glad your sting is feeling better.
Carrie looks adorable in the last picture and she does look like such a big girl. I love her playing the guitar too! Very cute hairstyle!

Brittney said...

mud is always a quick antidote to a bee sting. I've been stung so many times, I can't really count.

Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

her hair is so cute like that! I would love to see a picture of the back!