Monday, May 2, 2011

Five Years Closer...

We are five years closer to Eternity. Five years ago today, our family was created. Justin and I were sealed for time and eternity in the Mesa, Arizona Temple.

Some things I remember from that day.

-Being so totally in love it seemed unreal that it could last forever.-I had to wait in the lobby for Justin to come to the Temple because he had my Temple recommend in his wallet. My mom went in without me to get my dress ready.

-While we were waiting to talk to the sealer beforehand, thinking, "Holy Cow. This is it. Forever......"

-I don't remember a thing the sealer said. All I was doing was trying to look at Justin, while at the same time trying to avoid his eyes because I was about to start crying.

-Walking out of the temple for the first time as Husband and Wife.

-I got sunburned while we were taking pictures. It was noon, in May, in Arizona....

-A temple worker offered us a ride to the other side of the Temple grounds on a golf cart
-I felt like a princess all day

-We got party subs from Subway for lunch. So delicious. I think it was the only thing I got to eat all day
-We tried to take a nap in the afternoon before the reception. It's a pretty difficult task with an up-do that had a million bobby pins (well, it seemed like a million)

-Wanting to hold Justin's hand the whole time during the reception, but having to let go far too often to hug our guests

-Ordering our cake from Food City (mistake, I know) and spending time a few hours before the reception trying to salvage the lopsided, totally undecorated disaster. Luckily, it turned out super beautiful (and super yummy)

-Justin smushed the cake into my eyelashes! And I loved it!

I love you sweetie! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Five years down, an Eternity to come!!

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The High Family- said...

You guys are adorable! Seriously, so cute.