Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beach Birthday Bash

Today Carrie had a birthday party to attend. The theme was "Fun in the Sun". In my recent post about wanting to cater cupcakes, my friend (Carrie's friend's mom) asked if I would do the cupcakes for her girls' parties. Here is the finished result!

It was quite a process making the flip flops since I don't have a teeny tiny foot shaped cookie cutter. I improvised. I used my letter "H" cookie cutter and cut out fondant.

I used a knife to cut out and throw away the middle section
Then I cut them in half and used the edge of the cookie cutter again to make all the edges round (I think they kind of look like lima beans in this picture)
Then with a little thumb squishing and some very fine tipped frosting decorations..... TahDah! Haven't you always wondered what thirty pairs of tiny flip flops looked like?

I know this next picture is a little random, but I was so proud of how perfectly round and beautiful the cupcakes baked!

Onto party time! First the kids got some foam stickers and decorated their visors.

Awesome hat, interesting smile ;)

Then it was time for the water games! Carrie just fished out a rubber duckie from the pool!

She was almost the only kid who even touched the sprinklers

She loved to just stick her hand in though. She never actually ran through.

Playing in the pool

Getting out to play on the swingset

"Mom what are you doing way up there?!"

Drying off getting ready for cake and presents

Yummy! She'd been anxious all morning as I was baking them. Finally it's time to eat them!

Can't get enough!

Wash it down with Capri Sun.... Life is good

Almost the whole gang. I couldn't get high enough to get them all in the picture

Sienna opening Carrie's present, two huge flower bows!

One last swing before we headed home



Elise said...

Ahhh!! The cupcakes are beaches complete with sand too! Those are absolutely adorable. And so is Carrie. She's turning into a beautiful little girl.

Brittney said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Great job on the cupcakes!!!

Heather Farnsworth said...

What a fun little idea for a party! And those look like some yummy cupcakes! If I lived near you I would cater them out too

Meagan said...

LOVE them!! they turned out super bute

Meagan said...

oops, i mean 'cute'! lol

Coleen said...

Great job on the cupcakes, cute idea! Carrie looks so cute in her swimming suit and visor. Looks like everyone had lots of fun.

Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

those cupcakes are so darn cute!