Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Preview

Quickly, a picture of Carrie's GORGEOUS eyes!

Now onto the Easter preview! This afternoon we got to have an Easter Egg Hunt Party at the park with our friends. My friend Jessica frequently puts together awesome things like this for all our friends. She made cupcakes and sugar cookies for the kids to decorate, and had the park table decorated super cute.

All the kids hung out in the backyard of another friend who lives next door to the park while the moms set up. We were all supposed to make our eggs specifically identifiable to our own kids either with a sticker, design, or their name. The point was in case of allergies etc, the kids would only end up with the candy their own mom packed for them. I thought it was a little silly at first, but it ended up being very fun! The kids actually had to hunt. It wasn't just the first 8 eggs you found, you had to search for your own eggs. Instead of being over in 30 seconds, it took 6 or 7 minutes.

"Look, I found a swirly one!" (her decoration)

"Easter Egg Hunts are fun!!"

Then we got to decorate and eat our delicious sugar cookies! Spreading the frosting.

Licking the knife, yummy!

The finished product. I helped a little with the frosting, but Carrie did the sprinkles all by herself!

Oh so delicious!

She finished off the afternoon by playing on the slide


That was awesome!

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Heather Farnsworth said...

What a fun idea! I love her hair by the way.. Its cut so cute.