Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Cute girl in her Easter dress! (Sorry for the closed eyes and funny faces, it was really sunny and windy outside)

What a wonderful holiday! I don't think I've ever appreciated Easter and its meaning as much as I have this year! Because of the miracle of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we will all live again and someday we can be reunited with our sweet Brigham.

I know I wrote a post recently about the Atonement, but it's amazing to me the amount my testimony has grown the past few weeks. As I think about all the things the Atonement covers I am comforted. Christ not only took our sins upon himself, but also our pains, weaknesses, hardships, and joys.

Carrie doesn't quite have a grasp on the meaning of Easter, but she has a start. She knows who Jesus is and will point out pictures of him through the house. She has a little "Sacrament Meeting quiet book" that she likes to look at in church. It has several pictures of Christ, Latter Day Prophets, and family pictures. She repeats from memory some of the pictures like "Jesus was baptized", "Jesus says his prayers", Jesus was resurrected" (which usually comes out more like "Jesus was rested"), and "Jesus will come again". Even if she doesn't realize now what she's saying, hopefully it's a start and she'll learn as we try our best to teach her.

In the interest of being on time to 9am church, the Easter Bunny decided not to visit us until after naptime.

He brought a mini golf set! Carrie has asked for this set every time we've been to Walmart for the last month!

Getting a golf swing lesson from Grandma Lori

He also brought a super cute halter top swimming suit and a cozy coverup to go with it! Bring on the summer fun!
We hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!


Jacob & Clarissa said...

Hey! The Easter Bunny brought the same golf set to our house!

Stephanie said...

I can not believe how much your mom looks like Grandma!!!! It's EXACTLY like a younger version!!!

Coleen said...

Love Carrie's dress! So cute!!